November 21, 2022

20 Low-Carb Holiday Recipes For Everyone To Enjoy

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s the holiday season rolls in it’s time to start preparing for all the festivities to come. While the holidays are full of events, parties, and gatherings, it doesn’t have to be a time where you fall off track and start making poor health decisions.

In fact, there are plenty of healthy holiday meal options out there if you know where to look. And not to worry, we’ve taken the guesswork out for you with this list of 20 healthy holiday recipes.

Low-Carb Holiday Recipes For Everyone To Enjoy

The holidays are a special occasion for your whole family, which means that you’ll want to satisfy everyone's palate while also keeping your meal plan on track. We’ll start you off with some high-protein main dishes, and work our way through your holiday festivities with appetizers, sides, and of course some delicious desserts.

Main Dishes 

#1 Perfect Prime Rib

This recipe is simple and delicious for the prime rib lovers out there – just like a good steak should be. No frills added, just some salt, pepper, and a touch of rosemary for flavor. This dish makes the perfect centerpiece for your holiday dinner. 

#2 Garlic Butter Roast Turkey 

Turkey is a must for any Thanksgiving dinner, so why not do it up with some savory garlic butter? The total cook time is 3 hours and 45 minutes, but it could be longer depending on the size of your turkey, so you'll want to make sure you prep this one nice and early. 

#3 Lemon Butter Salmon

For the pescatarians at the dinner table, this lemon butter salmon with a side of asparagus makes a perfect protein dish that's packed with omega-3s. The best part? It clocks in at just 3.6 net carbs per serving. 

#4 Instant Pot Balsamic Chicken 

It's always nice to have a classic chicken option for those family members that like to keep it simple. With that being said, this tasty balsamic chicken recipe is packed with flavor, which means that even the red meat fans out there might be fighting for a serving. 

#5 Sirloin With Chimichurri 

If you're all about aesthetics, the bright green chimichurri that goes along with this juice sirloin will make the perfect centerpiece for your holiday table. Not to mention that way, it pairs with your steak for a delicious Argentinian flair. 

#6 Turnip Au Gratin

Switching out potatoes for turnips makes this year's holiday au gratin side dish drastically lower in carbs while preserving that flavor and consistency you know and love. How much lower in carbs? One cup of turnips contains 5.5 net carbs, while one cup of potatoes comes in at 22.5 – you do the math.

#7 Creamy Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts 

You may not add bacon to your greens every day of the year, but at a holiday dinner, everything deserves to feel a little bit more special. And what's more special than a sprinkle of bacon on your brussels sprouts? The butter, cream, and cheese certainly don't hurt, either. 

#8 Crispy Skillet Green Beans

If you're looking for a side dish that's light, lemony, and zesty, this simple skillet green bean dish is the way to go. It will satisfy your desire to have some veggies that aren't swimming in cream while also providing you with plenty of flavor and crunch.

#9 Cheesy Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes 

Cauliflower mashed potatoes are a favorite low-carb side dish, which also seconds as a go-to comfort food for most people. By adding a hefty amount of cheese and cream, these cauli mashed "potatoes" will hit the spot. 

#10 Keto-Friendly Gluten-Free Stuffing

No holiday dinner table is complete without some piping hot stuffing to go with your turkey dinner. Unfortunately, the first ingredient in most stuffing recipes is bread. Luckily for you, however, there are plenty of low-carb bread options that serve as the perfect replacement.

A side benefit of keto stuffing? It's also gluten-free. 


#11 Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs are a classic appetizer. They're creamy, flavorful, rich in protein, and they're actually pretty fun to make. You can use the spices recommended in this recipe or add your own mix if you're feeling creative. 

#12 Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

These little stuffed mushroom caps filled with cheese, bacon, and spices will be the hit of the appetizer table. Pro tip: make sure the mushrooms are big enough, so they don't shrink down to nothing in the oven. 

#13 Charcuterie and Cheese Board

There are endless combinations you can use to make your own charcuterie and cheese board. Fan favorites tend to be salami, prosciutto, and pepperoni with a mix of pepper jack cheese, brie, and sharp cheddar. You also can't go wrong with a handful of olives, Marcona almonds, and a side of grapes.

#14 Air Fryer Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers take the appetizer game to the next level. While we all love them, the Russian roulette of which popper is going to be so hot you need five glasses of milk to calm your mouth also adds a fun twist to holiday dinners. 

#15 Keto Cocktail Meatballs

Whip up a round of keto cocktail meatballs for a simple, classy, and very tasty touch. Forget the pasta; just load them up on a plate and stick a toothpick in them. This recipe calls for maple syrup, but you can go for a keto version like Lakanto maple syrup to keep it low carb – you're gunna love them. 

Dessert Recipes 

#16 Sugar-Free Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread cookies really have no business hanging around in the spring, summer, or even early fall – but once the holidays hit, it's their time to shine. Whether you enjoy these gingerbreads plain and simple or add some frosting and make them into little ginger people, these guys will hit the holiday sweets spot, guaranteed. 

#17 Keto Pumpkin Pie With Pecan Crust

There simply has to be pumpkin "something" on the holiday dessert table, so why not make it both nutritious and delicious? With flax seeds, pecans, eggs, plenty of spice, and of course, some pumpkin puree, this pumpkin pie will leave you feeling satisfied without any blood sugar drama.

#18 Almond Flour Apple Crisp

An apple-centric dessert is another holiday staple. Whether it's apple pie, apple turnovers, or apple crisp, apples on the dessert table are an absolute must. This delicious recipe is a spin on a classic apple crisp, switching out the oats for almond flour and the sugar for your low-carb sweetener of choice. 

#19 Keto Chocolate Cake

Sometimes we just need to go back to the basics with our holiday desserts. We all have that aunt or uncle that doesn't appreciate the spice of the holidays, so this chocolate cake is for them. Watch out, though, it may not come with the same holiday flair as your other desserts, but it's just as delicious. 

#20 Low Carb Cheesecake

You won't believe this cheesecake is actually low-carb, with a creamy filling made with only five simple ingredients; cream cheese, sour cream, eggs, sugar substitute, and vanilla extract; you'll be hooked. 

And what about the crust? Just pick your favorite low-carb cookie, crumble it up with some butter, and viola – you have your low-carb, keto cheesecake.


It wouldn’t be the holidays without some indulgence, but there is a fine line between giving yourself some grace and over-doing it. With these recipes you’ll get to enjoy flavorful dishes you likely don’t make every night, while also keeping your blood sugar on track.

The best part is that these dishes are so tasty your whole family will enjoy them. So happy cooking and happy holidays!